5 Steps to Financial Independence

Do you want to take more vacations? Spend more quality time with your family? Be at a point in your life where your finances are not something that you have to constantly worry about? Financial independence is something we all strive for. Everyone wants to have a steady stream of wealth coming in so that they can work less and enjoy life more. I want to share five steps that will help you gain the wealth you desire to live the life you have always wanted.

1. Find The Vehicle

Finding the vehicle to achieve financial independence is the first step. Most likely, if you are reading this, you have already found real estate investing to be your vehicle. In my opinion, it is the best vehicle.

2. Focus On A Niche

In my opinion, residential real estate is the safest and fastest way for a pathway to wealth. In the methods I teach, specifically investing in foreclosures, I focus on the best methods to create wealth in the current real estate market. Is there money to be made in fixing and flipping, wholesaling and short sales? Sure, and it is important to be able to recognize these opportunities, but it is best to focus on what CAN make you money NOW, which is what I teach in Foreclosure Investing Mastery.

I want you to be able to focus on a niche to create wealth with up-front profit, monthly cash flow, back end profit and tax shelters. If you think, “I can’t be a real estate investor. I don’t have any money to get started!” That is far from the truth. I teach you how you can get started without getting a bank or hard money loan or using your own cash in the Unlimited Funding program.

3. Learn The Niche

Once you have decided, learn the ins and outs of that niche. I like to say, “the more you learn the more you earn.” Learn everything you can so that you can start implementing the information to start creating wealth. The best way to do this is to take part in one of my 4-day live trainings where you will get intensive lessons in real estate investing that will have you ready to go home and start earning.

4. Implement

There is a point where you have to start to implement what you learn. Be wary of analysis paralysis where you can let the learning prevent you from actually going out and looking for deals. You may be telling yourself, “I still don’t know enough.” But that is not true. There comes a point where you have to move learning into the real world by making calls, going on appointments and closing deals. Implementation is what will get you to wealth.

5. Review & Repeat

You should always take the time to step back and review your business. What efforts are creating results? What activities seem to be a waste of time? You ultimately want to eliminate time wasting and focus on the productive parts of your business. For instance, in marketing, some activities will create solid leads, and some will waste money. You have to evaluate what makes sense. Once you do an analysis you repeat and expand upon the methods that are working.

So, I urge you to take these five steps, head on over to my trainings, and start your own road to financial independence.